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Our Products

Flexible Heaters

Thermal-Clear™ Transparent Heater

Flex-circuits and Interconnection Cables

Temperature Sensors

Temperature Instruments

Power Cords

Wire Assemblies

Portable Field Test Equipment

Motor / Machinery / Power Generation

Typical applications:

- Monitor stators in motors & generators
- Sense bearing temperatures to prevent failure
- Measure turbine efficiency

Products - Download Literature

Flat laminated stator RTD's with platinum, nickel, and copper elements (467.3 Kb)

Flexible Thermal-Ribbon™ RTD's mount on end turns of stators for easy retrofit (1.21 Mb)

Miniature RTD's and thermocouples fit beneath the babbitt layer of bearings for early warning of oil film failure (272.4 Kb)

Spring-loaded RTD assemblies for pillow blocks or bearing housings (1.28 Mb)

8 Channel Temperature Monitor (459.9 Kb)

Programmable Controllers (198.0 Kb)

Oil Sealed Fittings and Accessories (685.3 Kb)

Anti-Condensation Heaters (230.2 Kb)

Improved Oil Seal Prevents Looks and Simplifies Installation (103.4 Kb)

Application Aid #27 - Sealing Sensor Loads Againts Oil Leakage (124.4 Kb)

Download Engineering Instructions

EI164: Installing Case Style "A" Sensors in Sleeve Bearings (128.0 Kb)

EI167: Installing Case Style "A" Sensors in Thrust Bearings (116.9 Kb)

EI180: Installing Case Style "B" Sensors in Thrust Bearings (Babbitt) (89.8 Kb)

EI181: Installing Case Style "B" Sensors in Thrust Bearings (Spring and Ring) (64.8 Kb)

EI183: Installing Case Style "B" Sensors in Bearing Shoes (Spring and Ring) (51.7 Kb)

EI184: Installing Case Style "C" and "D" Sensors in Bearing Shoes (86.8 Kb)

EI957: Bearing Temperature Sensor Replacement Criteria (61.2 Kb)

EI1148: Bearing Temperature Sensor Incoming Inspection Criteria (77.7 Kb)

EI1198: Mounting Instructions for TH100 & TH200 Thermostats (45.9 Kb)






Commercial Industrial


Motor/Machinery/Power Generation

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