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Thermal Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

Uniform, responsive, reliable heat

Heat is a critical factor in processing and testing of semiconductors. A high level of available heat allows faster throughput. Reduction of temperature gradients across a heater means less variability across a wafer and thus higher yields. A heating element that’s less prone to failure cuts the risk of downtime. All these translate to productivity and profits.

Minco Thermofoil™ heater technology helps you achieve your thermal design goals.

A Thermofoil heater consists of an etched-foil element laminated between flat or flexible insulating layers. In comparison to traditional tubular or cast-in heaters, the Thermofoil construction provides more surface area for heat output. As a result, the element runs cooler even at high watt densities.

Minco offers heaters with Kapton® polyimide, silicone rubber, PTFE, and mica insulations for temperatures up to 600°C. We can also manufacture complete thermal subassemblies with heat sinks, cables, connectors, temperature sensors, thermostats, or fuses.

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