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Our Products

Flexible Heaters

Thermal-Clear™ Transparent Heater

Flex-circuits and Interconnection Cables

Temperature Sensors

Temperature Instruments

Portable Field Test Equipment

Minco Temperature Instruments

- RTD and thermocouple Temptran™ transmitters give accurate signals over thousands of feet. Select fixed range or field rangeable; miniature, "hockey puck" and isolated versions
- Handheld temperature meter
- Microprocessor based controllers with optional alarm features
- Miniature DC Temperature Controller
- Sensorless DC Temperature Controller
- Thermostats
- Custom Designs

RTD and Thermocouple Transmitters

- Miniature RTD and Thermocouple transmitters for DIN rail mounting inside cabinets or inside connection heads of sensor assembly
- Calibration accuracy ± 0.1% of span for most models
- Electronics encapsulated in epoxy to exclude contaminants and protect components
- Special high accuracy calibration offered as n option for matched temperature sensor/transmitter and NIST traceability at no extra cost
- UL recognized for Canada and US and FM approved intrinsically safe and nonincendive on most models

Download RTD and Thermocouple Transmitters (1.49 Mb)

Download Troubleshooting Guide for Temptrans™ (133.7 Kb)

Field and Bench Calibration of a Minco Temptran™ (48.7 Kb)

Programmable Controllers

- Economical but yet sophisticated PID controls into a compact 1/16 DIN enclosure
- Fuzzy Logic provides better response time and reduces overshoot
- Wide variety range of control modes, inputs types, relays and SSR outputs
- Additional boards options to satisfy many applications

Download Temperature Transmitters and Controllers Catalog (1.49 Mb)

Consult CT14/CT15/CT16 Installation support

Download CT16A Manual (2.4 Mb)

Download CT16A Wiring Information

Wiring Diagram for the alarm relay (41.4 Kb)

External AC SSR (42.2 Kb)

External DC SSR (42.0 Kb)

External Power Transistor to switch DC power (43.3 Kb)

External Power Transistor in an All-DC system (42.8 Kb)

Internal AC SSR (41.9 Kb)

Internal Mechanical Relay with an AC load (41.7 Kb)

Relay Output, DC to Heater, DC Supply to Controller (42.0 Kb)

Internal Mechanical Relay with a DC Load (41.7 Kb)

Variable AC Autotransformer to Adjust Heater Wattage (43.7 Kb)

Variable AC Autotransformer to Adjust Heater Wattage with a Controller that has a Built-in SSR Output (42.7 Kb)

Wiring Diagram for a Temptran Transmitter with a CT16A (32.1 Kb)

Channel Temperature Monitor

- Protect motors, generators, transformers, other equipment
- Monitor 1 to 8 resistance temperature detectors (RTD’s)
- 4 internal relays and audible alarm with independent trip points
- Overtemperature or undertemperature protection
- Microprocessor based; fully programmable
- Large, bright LED display shows °F or °C.
- Stores high and low temperature peaks
- Trip points, programs, peaks stored in non-volatile memory
- Programmable silence button
- Versatile override switch permits manual relay toggling
- Rugged enclosure with sealed front panel

Download 8 Channel Temperature Monitor Specifications (459.9 Kb)

Download CT124 Manual (426.0 Kb)

Miniature DC Temperature Controller

- Tight control with ±0.1°C (0.2°F) deadband!
- Miniature package 1×1×1.5 inches
- Solid state on/off control with adjustable setpoint
- Uses standard 100 Ω or 1000 Ω platinum RTD or 50 kΩ thermistor sensor input
- Single DC power source provides power to the controller and heater up to 240 watts
- Simple setup with voltage output pins for process and setpoint temperatures
- 3-wire RTD connection cancels lead resistance

Download Miniature DC Temperature controller Specifications (88.3 Kb)

Download CT325 Manual (179.2 Kb)

Download CT325 Bulletin (127.0 Kb)


Thermostats provide basic heater control at little cost. You can also use them as thermal cutoffs in conjunction with other control systems. All thermostats come with a 1.5" (38.1 mm) long, silicone rubber coated sleeve for electrical insulation (case is electrically live), and mounting adhesive.

Download Thermostats Specifications (140.4 Kb)

Download Wiring Diagram (45.9 Kb)

Handheld Digital Thermometer

- High system accuracy: ±.4°C or ±.2°F over full range
- Dual scale: - 40 to 199.9°C or - 40 to 400°F switch selectable
- Stable RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector)
- Large LCD readout
- Rugged plastic case
- Low cost

Download Handheld Digital Thermometer Specifications (121.3 kb)

Download TI142 Manual (23.7 kb)

Sensorless DC Temperature Controller

- Senses temperature feedback from Thermofoil or Thermal-Clear heating element
- Precise control with no sensor
- Compact solid-state package
- Miniaturized PCB mount versions available

Download Sensorless DC Temperature Controller (218.1 kb)

Download CT198 Manual (50.7 kb)

Download CT281 Manual (69.6 kb)

Download CT288 Manual (122.4 kb)

CT198 Worksheet Software






Commercial Industrial


Motor/Machinery/Power Generation

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