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MINCO Temperature Sensors

Minco is the only manufacturer that offers more designs and variations. From miniature to averaging sensor, from flexible Thermal Ribbons to heavy duty probe assemblies, our selection lets you choose the best mode for your needs. We have an extensive stock for all your urgent needs when you need it now.

Download Application Aid #18: Resistance Thermometry (299.4 Kb)

Download Application Aid #19: Specifying Temperature Sensors for Hazardous Areas (423.2.1 Kb)

Temperature Sensor and Transmitter Assemblies

- Standard, easy-to-order assemblies to fit a variety of applications
- RTD's, thermocouples, and transmitters
- Fittings, connection heads, and thermowells included
- Tip-sensitive, high temperature, explosionproof, and flameproof versions
- Metric Eurostyle Assemblies

Download Temperature Sensor and Transmitter Assemblies (1.28 Mb)

RTD and Thermocouple probes

- Stainless steel case with copper alloy tip for fast response (260°C)
- All stainless steel from cryogenic temperature (-269°C) to extreme high temperature (850 °C)
- Isolated model in stainless steel case and fiberglass model
- Fast response sensor with integral fitting
- Explosionproof sensor
- Most models are user cut-to-length with ordinary tubing cutter

Download RTD and Thermocouple Probe (903.0 Kb)

Bolt-on Temperature Sensors

- Removable and reusable
- Temperature limits to 500°C maximum and -70°C minimum
- Configurations to fit most applications
- Standard 100 Ω platinum, 1000 Ω platinum and 100 Ω nickel elements

Download Bolt-on Temperature Sensor (513.7 Kb)

Refrigeration & Freezer Temperature Sensor

Protected against moisture!

- Ideal for refrigerated rooms, freezers, coldstorage facilities, laboratories — anywhere an accurate, rugged, weatherproof temperature sensor is needed
- 100 Ω platinum RTD probe is constructed of 316 stainless steel to be resistant to most chemicals, including ammonia. Operates to -452°F (-269°C)
- 4-20 mA transmitter is epoxy potted to protect circuitry from condensation and ice. Operates in ambient temperatures down to -13°F (-25°C)
- Transmitter is match calibrated to RTD for 0.75% system accuracy; free NIST certificate
- Enclosure is gasketed and moisture resistant
- RTD probe is available in lengths ranging from 2 inches to 48 inches, and the probe can be center-mounted for through-the-wall installation, or end-mounted for flush-to-the-wall mounting

Download Refrigeration & Freezer Temperature Sensor (105.6 Kb)

Thermal Vial™
Temperature Sensing System

No more false measurements of material in process or in storage!

- Ideal for ultralow freezers, laboratories, bloodbanks, walk-in freezers and refrigerators, even incubators-anywhere accurate sensing of the contents instead of the air is a vital concern.
- Sealed Polyethylene Thermal Vial™ (patentpending) eliminates spillage and contamination. Simply fill with fluid such as ethylene glycol, alcohol, water, or a cryopreservative to accurately emulate the material being stored or processed.
- Large (50 mm x 50 mm) footprint provides stability on a shelf or rack. Holds 175 ml (6 oz) of fluid.
- 100 Ω Platinum RTD probe is constructed of 316 Stainless Steel and operates to -269°C (-452°F).
- Cable is reinforced with Stainless Steel braid for ruggedness 4-20 mA transmitter is match calibrated to the RTD for ±0.75% of span system accuracy.
- NIST certificate and calibration data supplied at no additional cost.

Download Thermal Vial™ Specifications (106.0 Kb)

Temperature Sensor Accessories

- Wide variety of fluids seal spring-loaded fitting for quick and simple installation
- Fluid immersion, bayonet, pressure fitting and extensions
- Economy thermowell with integral fitting
- Heavy duty reduced tip and tapered thermowell as well as flanged version
- Oil sealed fitting around probe or up to 6 wires
- Extension cables for RTDs and Thermocouples

Download Temperature Sensor Accessories (685.3 Kb)

Sanitary RTD's

- 3-A certified for sanitary clean-in-place applications
- Food, beverage, pharmaceutical processing
- Fast response design
- 100 Ω platinum elements, single or dual
- Three styles: Probe, connection head assembly, thermowell assembly

Download Sanitary Sensor & Assemblies (854.0 Kb)

Miniature Bearing Detectors

-Small, rugged RTD's and thermocouples
- Install in babbitted bearings for early warning of overheating
- Single or dual elements
- Wide variety of leadwire options
- Milt-T-24388C qualified models

Download Miniature Bearing Detectors (272.4 Kb)

Download Application Aid #27 - Sealing Sensor Leads Against Oil Leakage

Stator Winding Detectors

- Install between stator windings for continuous protection of motors and generators
- Single and dual element RTD’s
- Class F or Class H
- Dimensions to fit any machine
- Extensive inventory for urgent requirements

Download Stator Winding Detectors (467.3 Kb)

HVAC Temperature Sensors

- Complete range of sensors for Energy Management & Control Systems
- RTD’s, thermistors, and transmitters
- Accurate and stable sensing ensures maximum energy efficiency
- Optional high accuracy calibration of transmitters and sensors
- 3-day shipment for most items

Download HVAC/R Temperature Sensor Catalog (1.61 Mb)

Download Application Aid #16 - Sensing Fluid Temperature With Thermal-Ribbons (130.5 Kb)

Download Application Aid #20 - Installation Guidelines for HVAC/R Sensors (276.2 Kb)


- Thin, flexible RTD’s and thermocouples
- Fast response surface sensing in aerospace, medical, and industrial devices
- Rugged laminated construction
- Kapton, silicone rubber, Mylar insulation
- All models available from stock

Download Thermal-Ribbons™ (1.21 Mb)

Wire Wound Platinum and Thin Film RTD

- Low cost thin-film elements
- Wire wound elements
- Accurate sensing from -200 to 850°C (-328 to 1582°F)
- Wide choice of sizes and styles for application versatility

Download Wire Wound Platinum and Thin Film RTD (523.6 Kb)

Precision Platinum Thermometers

- Laboratory accuracy from -260 to 660°C (-436 to 1220°F)
- True strain-free elements
- Reference grade accuracy at affordable prices
- Traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Download Precision Platinum Thermometer (795.4 Kb)






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