Because it fits through the opening in the can prior to filling and records both temperature and pressure, the PicoVACQ is the ideal tool for the Aerosol Industry. The most common use is for validating the DOT-required hot tank test. This test requires that every aerosol can must pass through a trough of hot water until the equilibrium pressure of 130 degrees F is reached. Determining the dwell time for the aerosol hot tank can be difficult. The dwell time required can vary by product ingredients, product temperature, can size, and other factors. The ideal solution is to periodically place a PicoVACQ in a can to validate the process. It is simple to program and place inside the can prior to filling. After the hot tank test, the logger is removed and connected to a PC. Both the temperature and pressure profiles are quickly displayed using TMI-USA’s xVACQ software. Not only does this allow the hot tank process to be optimized, it provides documentation that the products were properly tested should that ever come into question.

By far the largest return-on-investment comes from using the PicoVACQ in the development and quality control of foaming aerosol products. Many customers gain, in their own words, “significant competitive advantages” from using the data logger for product development. Because a foaming product relies on dissolved gasses, the PicoVACQ pressure and temperature readings provide invaluable insight during the filling and storage of these products. Shaving cream, whipped cream, oven cleaner, foaming tire cleaner and dressing, hair mousse, foaming window cleaner, and other related products can benefit from this data logger technology.



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