Beverage Applications
TMI-USA offers many options for measuring inside containers in the beverage industry. Applications such as beer pasteurization, fruit juice pasteurization, dairy pasteurization, and product development can all benefit from measuring inside the container.


The DrinkVACQ is designed with beer pasteurization and other beverage pasteurization processes in mind. It is available in many different configurations. It allows operators to view the current pasteurization units and temperature readings. In addition to the read-out, it stores these values to an internal memory. The data can then be uploaded to a PC to display the temperature profile, statistical data, and lethality or pasteurization units. It is a valuable tool used to optimize a beverage pasteurization process and maintain a safe, quality product. It is available in several different configurations with a variety of accessories; from a ball-fitting to place it on top of a bottle, to baskets designed for different tunnel pasteurizers. See the products section for more details

For measuring temperature and pressure, the NanoVACQ-Long fits entirely inside the bottle and records temperature and pressure up to once per second without any external hardware. A positioning kit keeps the logger in the desired position while traveling through the tunnel pasteurizer. This logger is also very useful for package/container R&D.


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