Canning Applications
TMI-USA Loggers are perfect for use in the production of shelf-stable food. Heat penetration studies in cans and pouches, steam distribution studies in hydrostats, debugging and validation of thermal processes. The small size of the PicoVACQ makes it ideal for small cans, pouches, and containers requiring a minimal amount of product displacement.

The NanoVACQ-Flat is very popular with canning operations for both continuous and batch retorts. Displacing only 1.4cc in volume, and measuring 7/16 thick by 1 5/8 in diameter, it is very well suited for heat penetration studies in cans. The shape and light weight makes it easy to securely attach it to the bottom of the container. Probes can be made to custom lengths with loggers in stock for popular can sizes. Another popular configuration is the NanoVACQ-Flat-Needle. This system allows users to keep the logger outside the can and is particularly useful for heat penetration studies for thick food products. Another advantage is one logger can be used for different can sizes. See the products section for more details.

Laboratories performing heat penetration studies with stationary retorts find a NanoVACQ-Standard with 3 temperature probes very useful. A special compression fitting is used for both cans and pouches. The probe is placed to the desired depth and the compression fitting is tightened, sealing the probe. With this configuration, one logger can run 3 cans simultaneously.



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