Depyrogenation oven validation presents some unique challenges. TMI-USA’s loggers have the highest operating temperature on the market (150C/300F), but most depyrogenation ovens operate at much higher temperature. Because we start with the smallest and highest-range dataloggers, our thermal shields are the smallest, even accommodating most depyrogenation tunnel ovens with a very short height limit.

This photo depicts a typical system for validating a depyrogenation oven used to sterilize glass vials. In the foreground are six NanoVACQ-Long dataloggers with 2 temperature probes each. Toward the rear are six thermal shields to protect the loggers during their journey through the depyrogenation oven. Each logger has a non-volatile memory for 32,000 time-stamped temperature values, 16,000 for each sensor. Acquisition can be set for 1/sec to 1/hour. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.



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