At only 7/16” tall, and just over 1” in diameter, the NanoVACQ-Flat has been a very popular model. It’s size, reliability, long battery life, and accuracy has made it very popular with the canning industry. Placed inside a can, very little product is displaced. With the NanoVACQ-Needle, everything but the probe can remain outside the container. It is available with custom probe lengths and shapes, including a flush, or surface level probe and a sideways-mounted probe.


Operating Range -30° to 150° C (-22° to 300° F)
Dimensions: .433” x 1.57” (11mm x 40mm)
Weight: 1.6 Oz (45 grams)
Volume: 0.85 cubic inches (1.38 cc)
Memory: 16,000 acquisitions
Sensor: Platinum RTD



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