Autoclave Validation

TMI-USA provides many wireless solutions for validating steam sterilizers. We have a software and datalogger combination to fit every autoclave validation need - whether its compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 or the European EN554 Norm.

Running wires for autoclave validation can be expensive and time consuming. The use of TMI-USA wireless loggers makes for a quick and easy setup. Their small size (especially the new PicoVACQ) makes it very easy to place the entire logger in the load or package without the need for holes or perforations. A set of loggers can be used to map a single autoclave, or split up to perform thermal validation or heat penetration studies at different locations.

A typical setup for autoclave validation consists of a combination of temperature and pressure/temperature loggers, usually 6-12 units. Any combination of logger types is possible, including up to 3 flexible temperature probes per logger. All loggers, (up to 100 at one time!) are programmed and read simultaneously. See our products page for more possibilities.

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